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Monsanto halts Nemastrike crop technology

Leaders at Monsanto halted their commercialization of NemaStrike crop technology for the time-being.

The company delayed the launch due to limited case of skin irritation.

In a statement to their grower customers, Monsanto officials expressed importance of safety being their top priority.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are pausing the 2018 commercialization of NemaStrike Technology while we evaluate the circumstances associated with these cases. We anticipate that we will continue the Ground Breakers program this spring.”

The statement continued to say “As we prepared for the commercial launch for seed treated with Acceleron NemaStrike ST, there have been limited cases of skin irritation, including rashes, that appear to be associated with the handling and application of this seed treatment product. We are evaluating these cases, and in those we’ve examined so far, the proper use of required personal protective equipment (PPE) appears to be an important factor.”

The company developed the new seed treatment product, NemaStrike™ Technology, in an effort to help you battle nematodes. They say products containing NemaStrike Technology have potential to help farmers precisely and effectively protect their crops.

In preparation for a full product launch, Monsanto conducted three years of field trials across the U.S. in corn, soybeans, and cotton. Trials show NemaStrike can provide a yield protection performance advantage over the competitive standard by 7 bu/A in corn, 3 bu/A in soybeans.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done extensive evaluations prior to approval of Acceleron® NemaStrike ST and demonstrates the technology is effective and can be used safely when following label instructions.