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Monsanto awaits Roundup Ready Xtend post-harvest results

Photo Courtesy of Monsanto

AUDIO: Ryan Rubischko, Dicamba Portfolio Lead for Monsanto

A modern agriculture company eagerly awaits reactions concerning a popular crop system.

Ryan Rubischko is Dicamba portfolio lead for Monsanto. Rubischko said Monsanto looks forward to growers’ remarks regarding the use of Roundup Xtend.

“With the launch of the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System this year, the vast majority of growers had tremendous success, in terms of weed control, by having the Dicamba option,” Rubischko said. “I think many are looking forward to harvest to see what the genetics can provide for Roundup Xtend soybeans as well.”

Monsanto dedicated a lot of time to creating the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System, and continues to learn more about the system with each growing season.

“We’ve seen the importance of continuing a residual program; it’s part of a weed control program, not using Dicamba alone. Then getting after weeds early. Our label recommends less than four inches of weeds. A lot of farmers have (had) a lot of success when following those application requirements,” Rubischko said.

Rubischko reiterates the importance of following application requirements.

“It’s really important to follow the application requirements –  following the appropriate buffers, making sure you have the appropriate nozzles,” Rubischko said. “When folks have done that, they’ve had a tremendous amount of success.”

Monsanto released its Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System throughout stages over the past couple years.