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Mixed Feelings about New Drone Registration Requirements

Source: Wikipedia Commons

People in the drone community have mixed feelings with new registration requirements by the FAA.What personal information will be used with registering? How much the government will enforce? Michael Drobac is Executive Director of the Small UAV Coalition. He says the concept of a system for identification is a positive.

“One can be very much supportive of a system for identification and accountability and still have some questions how the federal government will execute this strategy and implement this. I am thrilled they are bringing on board the smartest and the best and the brightest to do this which is this task force. I am not as thrilled they are giving this task force less than a month to do it,” Drobac.

Drobac says with drones becoming popular with so many companies including ones in agriculture, He doesn’t understand why there hasn’t been a rule yet.

“When you look at this. It begs the question as to why we haven’t been at the forefront of this when we have a lot of companies in the U.S. that are the leading technology companies in the world. I think partly, to this day, the congressionally mandated data September 2015 has been passed and we still don’t have a commercial rule,” Drobac said.

Drobac expects there will not be a rule until mid to late next summer. He went on to add the drone industry is completely supportive of what will make technology safe and that which will ensure consumers are protected from any harm that could come.