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Missouri farmer hopes Ag folks stress trade importance to Trump

by Ben Nuelle

A Missouri farmer hopes Trump takes a seriously look at how important trade is to Agriculture and its economy.

Garrett Riekhof of Higginsville, Missouri grows corn and soybeans.

He says with Trump not having a lot of knowledge about agriculture it’s Ag’s job to reach out.

“I think we have a big job ahead. He does too obviously. But I think we have an opportunity whoever would have been chosen, we have an opportunity to take agriculture to them and bring that to the forefront in their mind as much as we can.”

Riekhof says trade needs to be addressed.

“With so many of our soybeans going overseas to China, and with South America being a huge player when it comes to crops, we have to have somebody who respects that and appreciates trade for what it is. We have such the power to produce corn, soybeans, or any commodity here in the U.S. that if we can’t take it across borders we are going to be sunk.”

Addressing the lagging farm economy, Riekhof says locally where he lives most farmers are staying above water.

“We were blessed with a quite good corn and soybean yield. Wheat yield last summer was exceptional. We have the yield component and slowly coming along with the price component. As far as production, our revenues are down but maybe not as bad as we thought when we set out building budgets this time last year.”

Riekhof adds cash rents, inputs, and machinery are struggles to pencil out. But says their operation looks to be in decent shape for next year.