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Mineral imbalance in your cattle herd could cost you

by Ben Nuelle

Minerals are not only important for human life but livestock as well. Making sure your animal has the right mineral balance could actually save you money.

Steph Hansen is an Iowa State University Extension Beef Nutritionist.

She says there are certain minerals to look for in forage.

“Some of the major minerals we are going to look for is calcium analysis and phosphorus. It is probably one of our most variable one’s across the state would be phosphorus. For the micro minerals, it’s going to be copper, zinc, and selenium. Those are the three we’re most focused on in making sure we have adequate supplementation in our free choice mineral sample.”

Hansens says minerals are important for everything in life.

“From reproduction, immune function, to growth of that calf prior to weening so those are all things that represent profitability for the producer so we really want to make sure we consider a balanced mineral supplementation approach,” Hansen says.

Hansen spoke at the Iowa Forage and Grassland Council conference Thursday in Ames.