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Midwest states among most vulnerable in trade war

Source: Wikimedia Commons

An analysis of tariff proposals on the United States shows Midwest states will feel the brunt of the damage.

IHS Markit, a business and financial consulting company, says any action reducing demand for United States agricultural products would reduce prices received by farmers for their output and diminish farm incomes.

China has proposed tariffs on United States agricultural products, including staple exports of pork and soybeans, among others.

The report says Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa have the most exposure, with farm income accounting for at least three-percent of total personal income in the state from 2014 to 2016. The report notes – some states with large agricultural industries, such as Illinois, have small shares of farm income as a percent of total personal income because of their large metro areas.

California and Washington will see tariff impacts as they are major producers of fruits and tree nuts that are on the initial tariffs list, which suggests the economic impact will worsen if China follows through on all of its proposed tariffs.