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Midwest producers remind Americans of dairy’s benefits

Photo by Ben Nuelle


AUDIO: Allen Merrill, Midwest Dairy Association

The Midwest Dairy Association helps reintroduce dairy to consumers through Undeniably Dairy.

Undeniably Dairy is a national campaign helping remind Americans of all that is good about dairy. Allen Merrill serves as chairman on the Midwest Dairy Association Board. Merrill says the campaign helps producers connect with consumers.

“It’s about having conversation with our consumers and reminding them why dairy has been good for them, and try to understand what they’re thinking and what they want down the road,” Merrill said. “We need to improve our lines of communication with the consumer.”

Merrill says the campaign stems from consumer questions and challenges.

“They’ve been asking questions and challenging us on how we do things,” Merrill said. “We took a look at the campaign to engage in conversation. Some of their concerns are true concerns that we’ve maybe overlooked. We need to take a step back and (ask ourselves): What do we bring to the table? What are we doing right? What do we need to change down the road?”

The campaign is led by the dairy industry as a whole, with producers, processors and retailers joining the movement. Merrill says the campaign offers producers many options for involvement.

“Any producer can go to dairygood.com/undeniaby-dairy or midwestdairy.com and receive insight on being a personal representative. The opportunity to visit with people face-to-face is the most effective. We have a lot of different forms of social media and communication tools, but face-to-face (gives) an opportunity for people to really connect. (Consumers) can ask personal questions, and it’s very credible,” Merrill said.