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Midwest Drought Monitor for January 31


This U.S. Drought Monitor this week saw generally dry conditions across most of the U.S.

The monitor is an official national guidance from the National Weather Service (NWS) National Centers for Environmental Prediction for current areas of dryness and drought.

Snow showers fell across parts of the upper Midwest as well as downwind locations of the Great Lakes where moderate-to-heavy snowfall accumulations were observed.

The Midwest saw improvements on the map in west-central and southwestern Illinois in areas of Abnormally Dry (D0) and Moderate Drought (D1) as well as in Missouri in areas of Moderate Drought (D1).

Despite precipitation deficits during the past 90 days across parts of Illinois and Missouri, drought-related impacts are not being observed at this time in relation to time of year.

In the areas of improvement, streamflows are normal and satellite-based soil moisture measurements associated with the NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive mission show improvements to soil moisture during the past month.

Additionally, field-based observations in Missouri show local ponds being full to nearly full.

Average temperatures for the week were above normal. The above average temperatures were observed in northern portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, as well as Upper Peninsula Michigan.