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Microbe: PROVEN alternative for commercial nitrogen

Photo Courtesy of Pivot Bio

A California-based company is expanding its business, after selling out of product ahead of the 2019 growing season. So what attracts farmers to this product? 

An Iowa farmer speaks to his experience with Pivot Bio PROVEN™.

Tim Couser, of Nevada, Iowa, was introduced to PROVEN™ two years ago during an IN10T FarmerTrial.

“We applied it to a farm that was wet and had poor drainage, (after) identifying that farm as one of the hardest to hold and capture nitrogen throughout the season,” Couser said. “That’s one of our biggest issues, poorly drained farms. We used it (PROVEN™) there and had a significant yield difference between where it was applied and where it was not. Let alone the fact that we didn’t have to side dress.”

Mark Reisinger serves as senior director of commercial operations for Pivot Bio. Reisinger defines PROVEN™ as “a microbe, which sits on the epidermis of the root of a corn plant and produces nitrogen on a daily basis.” PROVEN™ delivers nitrogen to corn plants in a “timely and efficient manner,” serving as a sustainable alternative to commercial nitrogen.

“It is not an ‘add-on’ product; it is not something you spend another 15- to 20-dollars an acre on, in hopes to increase yield,” Couser said. “This product will essentially replace a side dress nitrogen application, as well as replace up to 40 units of commercially applied nitrogen.”

Couser adds, “PROVEN eliminates the risk of missing a crop’s nutrient uptake window,”  whether that be through leaching, timing or volatilization.