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Microbe improves nitrogen efficiency in corn

Photo Courtesy of Pivot Bio

The 2019 Agribusiness Showcase & Conference will feature several product roll outs.

Among the new products is a microbe, which feeds corn plants nitrogen.

Pivot Bio in 2018 offered Pivot Bio Proven™ for wide-scale, on-commercial trials. Mark Reisinger, marketing director for Pivot Bio, sheds insight onto the nitrogen practice.

“It’s a microbe, producing nitrogen. It binds to the corn root, so it can’t wash away. Thus, the nitrogen it produces is fed directly to the plant. What we see in the future is not necessarily putting this on top of nitrogen practices, (but rather) reducing conventional nitrogen and substituting ours,” Reisinger said.

Pivot Bio conducted trials, using two different protocols. One protocol asked farmer participants to apply their best nitrogen practice, then apply Pivot Bio Proven™. The second protocol asked participants to reduce nitrogen rates, then substitute in Pivot Bio Proven™. Reisinger exclaims “the results were encouraging” in proving efficacy and volume of potential reduction.

“In the first trial, we saw a 7.7 bushel improvement on lighter soils. In challenging conditions, we saw an average of 17.6 bushel improvement. In the the trial where we substituted nitrogen, or asked them to reduce their nitrogen, we came out statistically insignificant. That says we were equal to the chemical nitrogen that was used at full rate,” Reisinger said. “You’re not going to have any yield loss if you substitute our product for conventional nitrogen, being anhydrous ammonia, UAN or other mediums.”

Pivot Bio positioned itself to compete with conventional nitrogen, especially when it comes to price. Reisenger says Pivot Bio Proven™ ensures nitrogen, whereas conventional nitrogen remains susceptible to leaching.

“The difference with this product is we’re not going to lose nitrogen,” Reisinger said. “Nitrogen is going to be produced on a daily basis and fed to the plant. If this product is valued as a 25 pound product, that crop is going to get that 25 pounds during the year. That creates added value for me. I don’t have to go in and sidedress or worry about what happened in the spring, what’s left and how it’s impacting my yield ceiling.”

Pivot Bio Proven™ sold out ahead of the 2019 crop season.

For more information, visit www.pivotbio.com.