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Mexican grain buyers visit Iowa

by Ben Nuelle

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Mexican grain buyers are in Iowa this week ahead of the U.S. Grains Council Export Exchange next week.

While in the state, Mexican buyers visited a coop, a couple ethanol plants, and one farmer in Eagle Grove.

That farmer is Jerry Maier.

“We need to show them we have the quality of corn and volume of corn they need. As we have a bumper crop coming on this year, we need to find a home for a lot of that.”

Maier says besides showing them corn, they also taught the buyers about tiling.

“Without tile, farmers would not do it. We would have all of these drowned out spots. This year was a good example of where you did not have tile yields were a 30 to 40 bushel different. I have spots on the yield monitor where it was easily 30 to 40 bushel less.”

Maier hosted the Mexican grain buyers at his farm Thursday.