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Mexican convenience stores growing suppliers of U.S. meat

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Convenience stores; we see them in every small town and practically every block in a city. They have changed the landscape of shopping. It used to be the gas station was the place to get fuel, automotive fluids, and maybe a pop. (Yes, I said “pop.” I am a native Minnesotan after all.) Now, you can get everything there. This phenomenon isn’t just exclusive to the United States. Mexican convenience stores are becoming suppliers of U.S. meat products. 

US Meat Export Federation’s (USMEF) Gerardo Rodriguez says the Mexican convenience store presence has increased dramatically. The top two companies are 7-11 and Oxxo. Oxxo has grown substantially over the years, and USMEF is working to deliver more pork and beef products through the chain. With more and more consumers stopping at convenience stores for breakfast and lunch, they are going to be wanting better quality products. Rodriguez explains how companies are having to provide their consumers with a more wholesome and consistent product which the U.S. meat industries can deliver.

Rodriguez says the number of consumers who are health conscious but still need to grab a meal from the convenience store is growing. USMEF is making sure they are supplying products to meet this demand.

This shift in habits of the Mexican consumers shows the world and economies are changing. More people are entering the middle classes and are looking for quality food options. The United States producers are rising to meet this challenge.