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Merck Animal Health: Committed to Iowa’s cattle industry

Photo courtesy of Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health this year continued its partnership with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation. Barry Lammers, senior sales representative for Merck Animal Health, speaks to Cartridges for Cash, which helps raise money for youth programs.

“We make Revalor and Ralgro implants for cattle, to help gain and feed efficiency throughout that animal’s life. If the producers and veterinary clinics that apply them bring in the empty cartridges, we donate dollars back to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation for scholarships,” Lammers said. “Our goal was to get to 40,000 cartridges, and it looks like we’ll get that exceeded again this year. Merck Animal Health will be donating $10,000 to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation.”

Merck Animal Health proudly offers a vast selection of veterinary products like Banamine Transdermal to Iowa cattle producers. The enhanced technology provides an easy treatment for sick cattle.

“We’ve had a Banamine injectable for a number of years. A little over a year ago, we came out with a product called Banamine Transdermal. Essentially, we can pour that on an animal for pain relief and fever reduction. It has a label claim for pain, animals we’re treating for foot rot and a label for reduced fever, animals we’re treating for bovine respiratory disease,” Lammers said.

Lammers explains, “Banamine Transdermal for cattle is similar to Advil for humans.”

“It helps the animal feel better. If you go in (to the doctor’s office) with a chest cold and get an antibiotic, you’re probably going to take Advil to help get you over the hump. Banamine helps animals feel better, so they’ll drink water sooner/go to the feed bunk sooner and recoup,” Lammers said.