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Meatless Golden Globes shows farmers need to keep advocating

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is no secret that many celebrities use their star power to advocate for whatever cause they feel needs their attention. There was no shortage of pontification on Sunday night as the Golden Globes were handed out. While we saw the usual political statements being made, there was also an all-out attack on animal agriculture in this country. It shows that farmers need to be advocating better for themselves.

The Golden Globes featured a completely meatless menu for the event. A move that was applauded by nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix even compared eating meat to smoking cigarettes.

Hannah Thompson-Weeman is the Vice President of the Animal Ag Alliance, she says the Golden Globes was just the latest in an all-out assault on animal agriculture.

This is not the time for producers to be shy or defensive about what they to. This is your time to share your story and move the needle of public opinion.

These types of attacks are coming on information that claims animal agriculture is the largest contributor to greenhouse gasses. However, the argument was made that animal agriculture is carbon neutral. This information came from University of California Davis’s Dr. Frank Mitloehner talked about the data showing this fact.

Farmers are being reminded that it is more important than ever to tell their stories.