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McDonald’s beef supplier says: “Defend your product”

Photo Courtesy of Lopez Foods

A company, which supplies beef to McDonald’s, is stepping forward to let consumers know where the hamburger beef is coming from.

John Patrick Lopez, from Lopez Foods – one of five beef suppliers to Mega Mac Restaurants, is an advocate for sustainability and open communications.

No longer is it acceptable to stand idly by in the Ag and food industry.

Antagonists of the industry speak out against animal-based production and diets. It has become the responsibility of all industry participants to push back on this rhetoric and share the story of the good work being done to feed the world. According to John Patrick Lopez, Chief Operating Officer of the Oklahoma City-based McDonald’s beef supplier Lopez Foods, that task extends throughout the supply chain, including his own business. The most powerful defense against that negative rhetoric, he says, is the industry’s own efforts to increase its sustainability.

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