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Grassley hopes McConnell takes Northey off Cruz control

AUDIO: Senator Chuck Grassley update on Bill Northey (Press tele-conference)

Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will help move Bill Northey’s nomination to USDA undersecretary of Farm Production and Conservation forward if the hold isn’t lifted soon.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Senator Chuck Grassley says meetings with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) “hasn’t done much good.” He and Senator Joni Ernst met with McConnell discussing the importance of getting Northey approved.

“His position is so important when it comes to the farm bill, we need him in place,” Grassley says. According to the senator, McConnell indicated he would help move it along.

“How he does that, I don’t know but Leader McConnell has the capability of doing it and hopefully he would follow through,” Grassley mentioned.

Ernst and Grassley told McConnell they would like to see it done as soon after November 30, as they can.

Cruz placed a hold on Northey the last several weeks until he gets a meeting with President Trump discussing the Renewable Fuels Standard. The meeting hasn’t happened yet.

Industry sources say Trump is reviewing the RFS volume requirements now. The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has until Nov. 30 to release the numbers.