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Maximizing cattle herd potential through genetic testing

Photo Courtesy of Zoetis

Cattle producers are always looking for ways to improve their animals and get the most out of their herd. With input costs high across the board, maximizing your cattle’s potential is even more important.

Genetic testing of cattle can give producers a playbook of how they should fine tune their operation and fulfill their animals’ potential. Kevin Milliner, strategic account manager within the genetics division of Zoetis, says that genetic testing is an important tool for producers to utilize with input costs very high right now.

To offset high input costs, Milliner says producers should be using genetic testing to allow their cattle to reach their full potential.

The first step in genetic testing of cattle is to acquire a sample from each animal with a T.S.U. (Tissue Sampling Unit) which punches a hole through the animal’s ear much like you would with an ear tag. The sample is then analyzed, and Milliner says the next step is to determine what to do with the information the producer receives from the test.

Producers can then evaluate each animal’s traits and determine how they contribute to an animal reaching its full potential.

He says genetic testing can make a massive difference in meat quality and profitability for the producer.

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