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Marketing Wisconsin cheese to the nation

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: money-matters-10-11-16

Dairy is the largest segment of Wisconsin agriculture. The industry alone generates $43.4 billion for the state.

Over 90 percent of Wisconsin’s milk, is made into cheese. 90% of that famous Wisconsin Cheese is sold outside of state. Who helps promote and sell that cheese?

Rosalie Geiger is on the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

The board is in charge of marketing cheese to states across the country.

“We produce over 600 varieties of cheese in Wisconsin. I always tell the kids you can try a new cheese every day for almost two years. We win more awards for our cheese than any other state or country and we produce more cheese than any other state.”

Geiger says majority of their milk goes to making cheese.

“We only have about 5 million people here in Wisconsin so we can only eat so much. We have to get that cheese out all over the states and do some international things too. The big thing is right here in the United States getting that award winning cheese into people’s mouths and enjoying it.”

Geiger says her favorite type of cheese is Munster and cheese curds.