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Marketing pork to the right consumer

by Ben Nuelle 

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Multicultural consumers tend to eat pork at a higher rate than any other demographic. This makes them the best customer.

National Pork Board Multicultural Director Jose DeJesus says it is important to have a diverse group of consumers for many reasons.

“Because pork is embedded in our culture, since it is always present, whether it is during the holidays or special occasion it makes sense to reach [multicultural consumers] because they are eating a lot of pork throughout the year.”

He says they have two specific target audiences they are marketing pork to.

“It is the Latino market. They are very big for us. At the moment, they seem to be eating it at a higher rate and also the African American population which eats pork at a high rate but part of that is the Latino population is bigger than the African America.”

Throughout October, we’ve been featuring stories related to pork in conjunction with National Pork Month.