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Managing stress in increasingly stressful times

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Agriculture is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all know what is happening. Backlogs of livestock, plants being shut down, businesses closed, and the list goes on and on. The stress level for all of us is extremely high. Maybe no more so than for our pork producers. That is why the pork checkoff sponsored hosted a webinar detailing what producers can do to manage stress during these troubling times.

Ted Matthews is a Rural Mental Health Specialist. He talks about the strains pork producers are feeling across the country.

Matthews says we all handle stress differently, but the important thing is to understand the differences and help each other.

Matthews says we should remember that stress is not black and white. It is not a matter of it being here or not. Find solutions that can help you lower your stress and make it more manageable.

Producers are encouraged to go to www.pork.org/COVID-19 for more resources.