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Managing stress in a tough Ag economy

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Stress is something farmers and ranchers deal with daily. Years like this one seem to amplify this stress. A group at Iowa State University (ISU) wants all farmers to know you are not alone and there are people there for you.

This past week ISU held their annual Integrated Crop Management Conference. One of the breakout sessions dealt with farm stress and managing it. ISU economist Chad Hart talks about the stressors in agriculture.

Hart talks about a coordinated effort to educate farmers on how to navigate these tough times successfully, and how to deal with the stress it brings on.

Dr. Anthony Santiago says one way to deal with stress is to not over commit and to take time for yourself.

Dr. David Brown says sometimes the signs of stress aren’t apparent to one’s self. ISU Extension is offering resources to people throughout communities to help recognize someone having a difficult time, and how to help them.

No matter what faces us, Dr. Santiago has the best advice.