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Managing high fertilizer costs

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Even though we are only halfway through June, farmers are already in planning mode for what happens after their crops come out. While many farmers got their inputs locked in before fertilizer prices shot up last year, that option is not available for this year. Now, the key is going to be playing a market that may come down or may not. You must know how to plan for these high prices to be continuing.

Jeff Divan is Director of Agronomy at Sound Agriculture and a producer. He talks about the situation as it stands right now.

With high costs, it is essential to protect your profits while managing the costs of your fertilizer.

Divan explains how nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizing microbes influence the amount of nutrients available for plant uptake, resulting in increased yield and improved plant and soil health. He recommends Sound Ag’s Performance Optimizer tool.

To learn more go to the Sound Ag website.