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Management tool available to cattlemen at no cost

Photo courtesy of Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA)

An Iowa-based software company is helping cattle producers better manage their business.

AUDIO: Katie Olthoff, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

Performance Livestock Analytics, based in Ames, has partnered with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association to offer its members access to its Cattle Krush service at no cost. Cattle Krush, a mobile application, helps feedlots manage cattle.

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association communications director Katie Olthoff says the company’s co-founders, long-time members of the Association, wanted to give back and help other cattlemen.

“Their goal is to help producers in the state of Iowa to be better business managers, so they can stay profitable and continue to grow their operations. That fits in really closely with what our mission is, which is to grow Iowa’s beef business,” Olthoff said.

Cattle Krush can be used in multiple settings: at a sale or in the feedlot. Producers can use the application to calculate the profitability of a specific lot, based on the auction price, grain prices and cattle futures market. It will also “alert” producers of profit opportunities for purchased lots.

Olthoff thanks Performance Livestock Analytics for their dedication to the industry.

“We’re really thankful of Performance Livestock Analytics, for understanding the value of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and supporting what we do,” Olthoff said. “Our primary goal is policy and advocacy work on behalf of Iowa’s cattle producers, but this is a nice way to give back to all of the producers in Iowa.”

Cattle Krush, valued at $75/month, will be offered to Iowa Cattlemen’s Association members for free. To redeem the discount, visit www.iacattlemen.org.