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Making life easier with Corteva’s cereal herbicides

Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience

Cereal crop farmers are consistently battling weeds that pose a threat to yield, quality, and profitability.

Corteva Agriscience cereal herbicides empower farmers to overcome those weed challenges and improve profitability, according to Corteva US product manager for cereal herbicides Brooklynne Dalton. She says one product that was very successful in 2020 was their Pixxaro Herbicide.

“That’s been a really great product, especially for growers who are looking to have some rotational freedom and maybe don’t have thistle weed in their fields that they maybe don’t need the clopyralid that is in WideMatch,” Dalton said. “Pixxaro has really found a nice fit in quite a few markets actually in that particular segment that we’re looking for broadleaf control and rotational flexibility.”

Dalton says Corteva’s portfolio of products improves resistance management with multiple modes of action. She highlights a few other products to consider.

“Our PerfectMatch Herbicide is a cross spectrum product that controls both grass and broadleaf weeds,” Dalton said. “That’s kind of the third segment is cross spectrum products. Products that kind of fit there in that simple straightforward solution would be PerfectMatch and OpenSky.”

OpenSky controls tough weeds while giving growers the flexibility to adjust application timing and crop rotation. In addition to rotational freedom, OpenSky herbicide offers an easy-to-handle suspo-emulsion (SE) formulation to aid in herbicide resistance management.

Learn more about Corteva’s cereal herbicide portfolio by visiting their website.