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Make sure you understand what you are planting in 2022

Kinze 4705 planter at field demonstration near Marengo, Iowa. Photo By Dustin Hoffmann

As we are wrapping up 2021, we are already planning for 2022. There is an almost ceaseless bombardment of products coming at you about products to put on while you are planting. All of them have their upsides, and you may be wondering what is best for you. One group is saying that farmers need to be researching the products that are available for this next growing season. You are going to want to save input costs by maximizing every round with your planter, but make sure you aren’t throwing money away on unnecessary products.

Delk Crosier is an Implementation Specialist for Maximum Farming by Ag Spectrum. He agrees with the fact that many farmers are going to need to get the most out of every pass of the planter by incorporating needed products at planting time.

There are a lot of benefits to getting the most amount of products in the field at one time.

Crosier says the key to being successful is doing your homework. Understand the whys of what you are putting in the furrow with your seed. Make sure it makes sense with the needs of your operation.

Planting season is also the time to prepare your crop for rapid growth. It’s not just about maximizing your time and money; it is also about maximizing your yield and profits.

You can learn more about Maximum Farming’s tips and strategies by logging on to their website.