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Mahindra utility & compact tractors meeting farmyard needs

Photo courtesy of Mahindra USA

You may not realize it, but Mahindra is the world’s best-selling tractor. In the United States, we are used to seeing green, red, or blue. Mahindra’s line of utility, compact, and subcompact tractors have only been in the U.S. about 25 years, but they are filling the needs of every day farmyard jobs. Their durability is making a name for them in a sometimes-colorblind U.S. Ag market.

Audio: Full Interview with Mahindra’s Viren Popli.

Viren Popli is President & CEO of Mahindra USA Inc. He talks about the niche they have found in providing quality tractors to do the everyday jobs for your farm operation. Popli says they design their tractors to run for thousands upon thousands of hours.

Popli says the secret is in the durable design. From the heart of the machine out, they design it for the varied conditions of the U.S. farm.

To achieve a design of this durability means bringing their engineers here so they understand the elements their tractors need to be able to perform in. Popli says there is a difference in knowing that the temperature of -45 degrees exists and knowing what -45 degrees feels like.

Popli says another thing for farmers to think about is that all of their more than 600 dealers are family-owned businesses.

Right now, they are running specials on their equipment. You can contact any one of these dealers or visit their website.