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Mach Till helps farmers prepare for planting

Photo Courtesy of Kinze

Today we talk about fieldwork, as we wait for snow to melt and fields to dry.

A farm equipment manufacturer shares how it can help prepare for planting.

Farmers anxiously await to enter fields this spring season.

However, they must wait until the ground is dry enough. 

Justin Render, marketing product specialist with Kinze, shares how to avoid this mistake, which oftentimes leads to soil compaction.

“One is visual. Go out and check your tile lines. If they’re still running, we’re above that water holding capacity level. We need to wait till those slow down or stop,” Render said. “After they have slowed down or stopped, we can go in that field, grab a handful of soil, squeeze it in our hand and drop it off. If we have moisture on the palm of our hand, we need to wait a little bit longer.”

Once farmland starts to dry, producers may enter and prepare for planting.

One way to jump start planting is by preparing the seedbed through tillage.

Render talks about Kinze’s tillage technology, which assists with this task.

“Mach Till is a hybrid between conventional, horizontal machines and vertical till, as well as the soil finishing product. It utilizes blade speed to do lifting and passing in that soil,” Render said. By doing that, we can get grade incorporation,  great land leveling a lot of guys like (from) the conventional aspect, as well as the vertical side where we’re not creating a compaction layer. We have a corrugated furrow roller on the rear, which does finishing of the soil.”

Render adds Mach Till helps farmers cover more ground in less time.

“A lot of them (farmers) are looking for this piece to get them more acres per hour,” Render said. ”As weather cycles continue to change, they’re wanting a piece that allows more opportunities – Not only fall residue management, but also spring seedbed prep and the ability to cover those acres very quickly to hit those windows of opportunity.”

For more information on Mach Till, visit your local Kinze dealer or kinze.com.