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Level headed analysis of the biggest trade deal ever conceived

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by Ken Root and Whitney Newman

John Block, former US Secretary of Agriculture, and graduate of West Point brings tactical training and a logical mind to the debate on whether the United States should sign the agreement and become part of a 12 nation trading block.

John Block’s comments on the Trans Pacific Partnership are underwritten by John Deere and the National Corn Growers Association.

Block says “Agriculture is an industry that depends heavily on exports, with thirty some percent of our exports sold to other countries. That explains the reason why the ag industry has some much interest in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. Which has been negotiated with twelve nations representing forty percent of world gross domestic product.” Block goes on to say “Farm organizations and ag businesses are trying to convince the congress to approve the deal. Although, the deal has been negotiated, it still must be approved by the congress and signed by the president. The U.S International Trade Commission has analyzed the agreement.”

U.S. Trade Ambassador Michael Froman said “The ITC Report provides another strong argument that TTP should be passed this year. Ag exports would rise $7.2 billion.” Secretary Block does not mention the challenge of Republicans in Congress allowing President Obama to claim credit for TPP as President Bill Clinton did for NAFTA.