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Learn from 2018. Plan for 2019.

Photo Courtesy of FMC

It seems to be a similar story in many parts of the country. Soybeans were affected by strange late-season weather. This, in turn, caused late harvests and quality issues in the soybean crop. One company has taken advantage of the situation and is learning from it.

FMC’s Nick Hustedde says they were able to do some evaluations which you wouldn’t get to in a normal year.

Hustedde says these pressures led to dockage issues in some places. These issues can offer an opportunity for producers to learn and adjust for 2019.

Hustedde says it is about doing everything you can to boost your seed’s potential.

Producers should talk with their local retailers who can help them customize a plan of FMC products to help them unlock their crop potential no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.