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Learn benefits of cover crops at upcoming conference

Source: Wikimedia Commons

AUDIO: Clare Lindahl, CEO of the Soil and Water Conservation Society

A national cover crop conference takes place in Indiana next week.

The Soil and Water Conservation Society will host their second annual National Conference on Cover Crops Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis.

“We’ve got a great agenda. When the committee formed this agenda, they stepped back and looked at all the questions being asked about cover crops right now and how can we address them?” Soil and Water Conservation Society CEO Clare Lindahl says.

The conference is intended for anyone interested in the practical use of cover crops and soil health improvement, including farmers; conservation agents; certified crop advisers (CCAs) and agribusiness staff; and university, nongovernmental organization (NGO), and agency representatives.

There will be 40 presenters with over half of the speakers being farmers. Lindahl says there are many benefits to cover crops. One challenge though, is education.

“Change (and) trying something new is scary but it is inevitable and it’s important. Those roots in the ground year-round are going to protect from erosion and build soil health.”

Lindahl adds helping farmers realize those benefits and getting the information they need to manage cover crops to be successful is important. “I believe every farmer can be successful with cover crops,” Lindahl says.

Register at swcs.org.