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Latest Iowa drought monitor

Source: U.S. Drought Monitor Website

The weather in Iowa has been warm and dry the past few days. It is good news in the northern areas of the Iowa, where winter has refused to release its grip. But in the south, it means an expansion of the dry conditions.

A drought, for want of a better word, has persisted through winter in southern Iowa. United States Department of Agriculture Meteorologist Brad Rippey explains that La Niña is to blame.

While the dry conditions are leftover from last year, Rippey says that farmers don’t need to panic yet. Southern Iowa is just the outside edge of a larger drought through the southwest United States.

Rippey looked in his crystal ball (which I have learned is a non-binding prediction for meteorologists). He believes that there may be a cooler summer this year in Iowa. Rippey hopes that should bring some relief from drought conditions.