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Largest Ag Producers Changing Crop Protection Plans

A new study from Millennium Research shows that the nation’s largest farmers are still uncommitted or making changes to their crop protection plans.

The “Farmer Speaks” study shows producers being more aggressive in cutting costs after a tough year in 2016.

Growers who farm 1,000 or more acres are planning on making the highest percentage of cost-cutting at ten percent. Crop protection products and seed traits are the two areas where farmers look to make the biggest cost cuts.

25 percent of the respondents say they are using a different weed control system in their corn and soybean fields this year.

Corn farmers say they’re looking at a 50 percent change in their crop protection products.

Several of the nation’s largest producers say they haven’t made decisions yet regarding crop protection products on at least 1,000 acres.

Growers are showing an increasing interest in soybean traits this year.

44 percent of soybean growers making changes this year will use a different product versus 2016.

One-third of growers say insecticides and fungicides for soybeans and corn are their most undecided products heading into the planting season.