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Kruger Seeds new corn products offer season long piece of mind

Courtesy of Kruger Seed

Many factors can influence a crop’s performance throughout the growing season. One opportunity to eliminate risk occurs during seed selection. Kruger Seeds corn product manager talks about a new corn variety, offering growers season long piece of mind.

AUDIO: Andy Ackley, Kruger Seeds

Kruger Seeds is offering Iowa farmers a new corn lineup ahead of the 2019 growing season. Andy Ackley, corn product manager for Kruger Seeds, says FortiField corn products feature enhanced agronomic characteristics and improved disease protection, offering growers season long piece of mind.

“We’re very excited to be offering our newest lineup of seeds in Kruger Seeds FortiField products,” Ackley said. “Those products are developed and locally selected by the Kruger Seeds agronomists for season long piece of mind.”

Ackley says both standability and disease control lead to season long piece of mind.

“These products were locally bred and selected to offer a great, early season look with strong emergence and early season vigor, strong stalks and roots to hold the crop up all season long and a great, late season appearance with stay green and good, full season intactness. Coupled with that, good disease control of tough diseases in Iowa,” Ackley said.

Kruger Seeds FortiField corn products will help protect against Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Goss’s Wilt and Anthracnose Stalk Rot. Ackley says Kruger Seed test plots show the added protection sets the new corn product above competing product. 

“We had seven different products, ranging from 100-day relative maturity to 114-day relative maturity in a host of traits. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase these plots with our customers and performance overall is good,” Ackley said. “In fact, beating our existing portfolio to some degree, but certainly showing up well against our competition.”

Third party data suggests the FortiField corn products also exceed existing Kruger Seed corn products and competitor products in terms of yield.

For more information about Kruger Seeds FortiField corn products, contact your local seed dealer or visit www.krugerseed.com/fortifield.