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Kruger Seed Says Foot Print is All Iowa

by Ken Root & Whitney Flach

Jim Cisco is brand manager for Kruger Seeds, a division of Monsanto. Kruger is one of three brands sold in Iowa, along with Channel and Dekalb.

Kruger spoke at the Farm Progress Show. He sid they carry the horsepower of the Monsanto breeding program with the relationship of farmer-dealers who know the local geography close up. Cisco said, “Kruger has been in the state of Iowa for over 50 years. The company was acquired by Monsanto in 2006. We have the local brand feel, a farmer dealer network, and we have the backup horsepower of Monsanto.”

Cisco shared that a grower can get service during the season evaluation through Kruger.”The dealer has been in that neighborhood for many years, they are not leaving, they farmed in that neighborhood a long time and know the soil well. We also have a staff of agronomist who help with product selection.” He continued on by saying, “We make it specific to Iowa. Our footprint is Iowa so, we work closely with the dealers to make the choices more concise so that they know the package for their area and how they would place that.”

Economically Kruger can be cheaper or more convenient for customers than Dekalb. Cisco explained, that they sit down with the customer and have a full length conversation about problems faced on the farms. They talk about traits, and if rootworm protection is needed. Then, they price out the portfolio based on what the need is. “We give the person different option ranges. We build a portfolio based on any price range at Kruger,” Cisco said.