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Knowledge influences what people buy at the grocery store

by Ben Nuelle

Understanding where that steak or pork chop came from influences buys at the grocery store.

Hannah Thompson works for the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

“There is a very small percentage of the population that is engaged in production agriculture. They are exposed to it, seen it with their own eyes and really know and have a firm understanding of the industry.”

Thompson says the clear majority of the population is two, three, or more generations removed from the farm.

“Unfortunately, there are some organizations out there that are just opposed to what we do in animal agriculture. They don’t believe humans should use animals for any purpose including for food. Those organizations who are animal rights activist groups, environmental activist groups, they put a lot of time, effort and money behind communicating false information.”

She says it’s not that consumers feel negatively about farmers, it’s that they don’t understand the industry.

Thompson adds the AAA is trying to give consumers the right information to make informed decisions when buying food.