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Kinze unveils new, easy-to-use planter technology

An agricultural equipment manufacturer is bringing new, easy-to-use planter technologies to growers ahead of the 2019 planting season.

AUDIO: Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, Kinze

AUDIO: Derrick Becker, Senior Manager Electronics Engineering

Kinze unveiled new products, ranging from planter technology to high-speed discs, at its 2018 Experience Kinze Field Day on Wednesday. Susanne (Kinzebaw) Veatch, president and chief marketing officer for Kinze, says the companies’ customer focus and innovative values laid the foundation for the new products.

“It starts with customer focus,” Veatch said. “You have to understand what the customers need and what their problems are in the field. If you go back to when my dad started the business in 1965, he was just a welding/repair shop coming up with solutions for farmers. They would come in when something was broken or would say, ‘Wow, I sure wish I could do this or that with something,’ and that would spark an idea on his part and then he’d develop a solution. In the same way, that’s what made us into the company we are today, coming up with innovation solutions that meet the farmer’s challenges.”

Derrick Becker, senior manager of electronics engineering for Kinze, says farmers asked for simple, accurate and reliable technology. Kinze delivers those qualities within its BlueDrive™ and BlueVantage™ planter technologies.

“We designed the user interface to plant in three taps. We hear this a lot from customers and our own people, ‘I just want to plant corn.’ So when you power it up, get your vacs running, your STBs running, it’s three taps and you can go plant corn,” Veatch said. “Now, for the advanced users who want to put in my grower farm field, that’s still available, but we make it simple from the get-go and then you can add the advanced features as you wish.”