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Kids Ag simulator to return to U.S. county fairs

Photo courtesy of CME Group

Commodity Carnival is set to be on display once again at county fairs across the nation. Hosted by the National 4-H Council and CME group, the farming game has been teaching youngsters the monetary components of agriculture for seven consecutive years.

Dottie Goebel, 4-H coordinator with Texas A&M Extension, explains the benefits children will reap as a result of the game.

Commodity Carnival is an interactive experience for kids who want to step into the shoes of farmers. Youth participants will get to see how price changes in our everyday purchases, like food, can have a real impact on products that come into the local market. For some kids visiting the fair, this is their first exposure to production agriculture.”

Managing Director of Agricultural Products at CME Group Tim Andriesen expressed his excitement for CME Group’s continued participation in U.S. county fairs.

“It’s [Commodity Carnival] a really fun, engaging way to guide kids and their families through agriculture as a business. This is the seventh year we’ve done this, and the Commodity Carnival will be traveling to 120 different state and county fairs in nine different states. This year, players are going to learn to raise a steer and sell it at the market.”

Goebel says Commodity Carnival will travel across the Midwest. The 4-H coordinator explains that those not in attendance can reach a game synonymous to the fair favorite through an app.

“Risk Ranch is a fun and fast-paced, single-player game with engaging, real-life content, challenging you to take on the role of a modern day farmer, and bring livestock to market. Kids who play the game can name their steer and purchase boosters from the general store. We’ve also updated the app so that you have the ability to access the leader board directly from your mobile device. Now users can track their performance against the games global participants. Risk Ranch is available on iOS, Android, and online.

To find your closest county fair in which Commodity Carnival will be in attendance, visit www.cmegroup.com/4hCarnival