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Keeping your combine harvest-ready during winter

Photo courtesy of CASE IH

Maintenance of equipment is just another part of the business that farmers handle in stride throughout the year. Preventative maintenance goes a long way to protecting your investments. Combines are one of the largest investments you make in your operation and are used for just a minimal amount of time. However, they are one machine that cannot be replaced easily in the event of downtime. CASE-IH is reminding farmers about things you should do to make sure your combine is stored properly and will be ready to go for harvest 2021.

Audio: Full interview with Jim Franceschetti of CASE-IH.

Jim Franceschetti is the Aftermarket Solutions Harvesting Product Marketing Manager for CASE-IH. He says the more work you do now during the winter downtime, the better prepared you will be to start off in the fall.

It all starts with the walk-around inspection. Check your machine from front to back and make sure that it is clean and free of debris left over from the 2020 harvest.

Franceschetti says you should also use that first pass to do lubrication, and check filters and belts.

Then it is time to go into your concaves, sieves, conveyors, and check augers. Now is the time to also talk with your dealer to coordinate your maintenance plans for the winter, even if that means taking advantage of spring combine clinics.

You should also do a routine check of fluids, battery levels, and tire pressure in the spring to make sure that they are maintaining themselves during storage. If you have more questions on winter maintenance for your combine, Franceschetti recommends you contact your local CASE-IH dealer.