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John Deere updates S700 series combine

Photo Courtesy of John Deere


AUDIO: Matt Badding, International Sales Manager for John Deere

A farm equipment company updates a combine model in time for harvest.

John Deere announced new updates and technologies at the 2017 Farm Progress Show. Matt Badding is International Sales Manager for John Deere. Badding said the new updates and technologies will be featured in the S700 Series combines.

“The first thing the customer is going to experience is in the cab,” Badding said. “It’s going to have the same display that our tractors and sprayers (have) had over the last couple years. It’s going to give them the same level of familiarity they’re used too, especially when operating the combine.”

The two new technologies include: Combine Advisor™  and ActiveYield™. Badding said producers will find Combine Advisor beneficial as conditions change.

“Combine Advisor gives a customer the ability to automate the performance and productivity of the combine throughout the day, every day,” Badding said. “Once a customer has the combine set to his or her liking, it’s as simple as hitting one button in the cab. The combine is going to manage and perform at the same level of grain quality and losses throughout the day.”

ActiveYield™ will help growers eliminate a tedious harvest  task.

“Today, you have to calibrate the yield sensor, mass flow sensor. With ActiveYield™, we have three sensors in the grain tank that provide calibration advice, so a customer doesn’t have to worry about it multiples times during the season,” Badding said.

John Deere plans to start production on the Model Year 18 – S700 Series in late October/early November.