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John Deere updates forage equipment for maximum efficiency

Photo Courtesy of John Deere

Winter is not the time to find out that your forage equipment is not doing its job. You spend the warm months cutting and baling forage and bedding for your livestock. You need to make sure that you are getting the most out of the material you are cutting and not leaving valuable nutrition out in the fields. John Deere has upgraded their mowers-conditioners for the first time in about two decades. This upgrade will help producers harvest the best quality forage they can.

Chris Borgmann is Product Marketing Manager for Haying and Foraging equipment with John Deere. He talks about the upgrades they have made to the mower-conditioner lineup with the new Zero Series, which has eight new models available.

Borgman talks about the difference John Deere is bringing to the market with their C400 & C500 mowers. It comes down to being able to get the cutting done quickly as well as efficiently. You want to get the most out of the forage you are cutting, but it never fails that Mother Nature always brings a few rain clouds when it is baling time.

Safety is also paramount with equipment like mower-conditioners. Not only making sure that parts are properly guarded and shielded, but also making it easy and safer for you to do any maintenance like changing out the knives.

TO learn more about the line of John Deere forage and baling equipment, visit their website.