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John Deere excited about new operations technology for 2020

Photo Courtesy of John Deere

Agriculture technology keeps advancing at an exciting rate, especially when it comes to the machinery you are using to grow your crop every year. We aren’t just talking about the implements, but what the implements can tell you. With the monitoring systems in place, you are getting information right into the cab that we couldn’t have dreamed of just a decade or so ago. Getting all that data managed is a feat in and of itself.

John Deere is excited to talk about their Operations Center, and what is new for 2020. Jenni Badding talks about the commitment John Deere has in bringing innovation to their customers.

In 2020 John Deere is going to be bringing a new base technology package that will be bringing automation, documentation, and connectivity to their self-propelled large frame tractors and combines. Plus, they are including a little bonus with that technology package.

Badding says the technology allows farmers to use the operations center in the cab to make their decisions right in the cab and share their data with the people they choose to. This also interfaces with the My Operation app on their mobile devices.

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