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John Deere AutoPath: Derecho tested and ready for the 2021 season

Photo Courtesy of John Deere

Industries and technologies are always evolving. Just ask any farmer if they are doing things the same way as they were a decade or two ago. Because farming has evolved, the technology which backs it must also evolve. That includes the technology you use to keep your operation running at peak efficiency. John Deere has a new tool available. It is called AutoPath and it is ready to hit Iowa fields in 2021.

John Mishler is a Technical Marketing Manager for John Deere. He tells us about their new AutoPath technology, and how it is all about precision from the season’s very first pass in the fields.

Iowa was shown to be an excellent proving ground for testing the AutoPath technology. Mishler tells a story of one producer whose corn was flattened by the August 10th Derecho. With corn laid over and a nightmare to attempt to harvest, AutoPath™ was able to sync with the combine and put it on the planted rows throughout the mess left behind in the storm. This proves that it is not only a tool for controlling input costs but maximizing returns on your investment.

Mishler says that by taking some of the more mundane tasks away from the operator, it is less stressful. This frees the producer up to handle more aspects of monitoring the fieldwork being done.

To learn more about AutoPath, visit the John Deere website or your local dealer.