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John Deere 2680H disc provides better residue management year-round

Photo courtesy of John Deere

As we get ready to attack the 2020 growing season, we have put a lot of focus on to inputs, especially the seeds. However, no matter what hybrid you plant, you cannot expect to have a successful season if you don’t do a good job prepping the ground. That’s where the John Deere 2680H disc comes in.

John Deere’s 2680H high-performance disc is not your grandpa’s or your father’s disc. Long gone are the old disc gangs. This machine has independently mounted blades which allows them to have their own suspension system. John Deere’s Jarred Karnei tells us more.

As corn production increases, you need a machine that can handle larger amounts of residue in the fall. Karnei says the tool can manage that residue effectively and quickly after harvest where the windows have been shorter the past few years.

Karnei says with the better fall residue management, it allows the disc to come back in the spring and prepare a much better seedbed for you to plant your hybrids into.

And with the costs of those inputs and the tighter profit margins, your seeds need every advantage they can get. For more information on the 2680H high-performance disc, visit your local John Deere dealer.