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Japan a leading destination for specialty meats

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last month, we received word the United States and Japan had a framework for a trade agreement and we’re looking to get the deal finalized. Japan is a great customer for many of our agriculture products, including meat. Just like other countries, it is the specialty cuts they import which allow us a stronger market and less waste of the animal.

Specialty cuts are the hidden gems in our foreign meat exports. Different cultures have different uses for parts of an animal which we don’t consume as often in the United States. The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) recently sent their Heartland Team to Japan and learned about the strong Japanese market for beef tongue. John Hinners is the USMEF Vice President of Industry Relations. He talks about the added value the Japanese markets for beef tongue.

Hinners says with the trade deal, importers are excited to get the beef tongue at a better price.

Hinners says the plant they toured also takes U.S. pork products for Japanese consumers.

Hinners said the producers who were on the trip felt a sense of pride, seeing how their products are being used to provide food for an enthusiastic Japanese marketplace.