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It’s time to analyze and adjust your weed control plan

Photo by Ben Nuelle

As farmers are driving planters back into sheds, an agricultural chemical company is encouraging growers to review and re-evaluate their weed control plan.

Brent Neuberger, senior technical sales manager for FMC Agricultural Solutions, talks about reviewing and re-evaluating weed control results. Neuberger says, “With all of the resistance we’re seeing in the marketplace, we have to evaluate and react to what we’re seeing.”

“It’s a function of getting out and walking the fields,” Neuberger said. “A lot of times, (growers) can drive by a field and look. At the same time, it’s pretty tough to see a one or two inch weed out their. We need to evaluate with feet on the ground because (of) resistance, along with the recommendation that we want to treat smaller weeds with post-emerge.”

Neuberger encourages farmers to assess weed control results three weeks after pre-emergent herbicide applications, or ahead of a post-emergent herbicide application. He says growers can then adjust and/or improve their weed control program, once they have a better idea of weed growth in their fields.

“We have to be timely with these post- treatments. We can evaluate what is out there and pick the best post- program based on what traits we have in the field, and it is going to benefit him this year and in future years,” Neuberger said. “If a weed escapes through its pre- and post-   treatments, that’s one that’s going to have a high likelihood of resistance to some chemistry, which is then going to accentuate the problem, if it’s left out in the field to run through the combine.”

Neuberger adds the ideal weed control program includes plans for a pre- and post-emergence herbicide. It should also include multiple, effective modes of actions for a number of weed species.To learn more about FMC Agricultural Solutions, visit www.fmccrop.com.