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ISU Dairy Science Club continuously celebrates the dairy industry

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Iowa State University (ISU) Dairy Research and Teaching Unit hosted one of the many field days conducted by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach throughout the state of Iowa in the month of June, in honor of National Dairy Month. Iowa ranks 12th overall in the nation’s total milk production and 8th overall in milk production per cow. The event took place June 10th from 7AM to noon. People of all ages in the Ames community got the opportunity to learn about the industry, take a tram ride through the farm, watch people milk the cows that rotated throughout the day, and learn more about sustainability and care for the cows.

While I was there, I got the chance to talk to one of the Dairy Advisors for the ISU Dairy Science Club, Katie England about the Dairy Science Club and what they do for the community and industry. She talked about who all came to volunteer and educate others about the dairy industry.

England mentioned how incoming freshman can become more involved or learn about dairy through joining the Dairy Science Club or by looking at their Facebook page and other references.

Aside from their monthly meetings where they discuss their future activities, England talked about one of the monthly activities the club volunteers in throughout the year.

ISU students benefit from the Dairy Science club as well. England advertised their weekly ice cream sales that happen in one of the Animal Science buildings typically every Wednesday. I can assure you; their ice cream is a great midday snack as well as a fantastic stress reliever.

Whether it be yearly, monthly or weekly, the Dairy Science Club finds ways to continuously be involved and volunteer on campus and throughout the community. England talked about a few other activities that the community can become involved in to milk a cow, learn more about where your products come from, and even learn about the life stages of a dairy cow from birth to full adult milking cow.

England said that you don’t need to have a dairy background or future to get involved in the Dairy Science Club. She has many other majors in the club that aren’t dairy based.

For more information, visit Iowa State University’s website.