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Is it time to start worrying about delayed planting?

Photo courtesy of Scott Bauer, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture

by Ben Nuelle

Getting your crop planted on time could mean more or less money in your pockets come harvest.

88 percent of Iowa’s corn has been planted. 45 percent of Iowa’s soybeans are in the ground. Will dry sunny weather this week push farmers across the finish line?

Northey visited with me Monday afternoon and says farmers really like to have the corn in the ground by now.

“We could be losing a little bit every day that we are delaying at this point. On the corn side, we can’t do anything about it except worry about it and get to it when it is fit. We certainly want to get to it soon.

Northey says by the time you get to the end of May you are definitely losing production and planting into these some wet damp soils isn’t the best either.

“On the soybeans side, we do have time but generally, earlier planted soybeans are better producing soybeans. Damp, wet, cold soils are not the best for soybean production as well. We always say the most optimistic we are, is the day as that stuff goes into the ground. We still can produce some great crops planting this time of year but it is going to take a little more for things to go right at this point than if we got it into the ground two weeks ago.”