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Is Data the Future of Farming?

Richard Molenaar of Climate Corporation speaks at L.I.F.T. Summit in Minneapolis, MN

Technology has helped farmers come a long way over the years by making farming practices easier. Data is one of them and Climate Business Manager with The Climate Corporation Richard Molenaar says it is the future of farming.

He says data has helped advance agriculture in a number of ways.

“It’s one of those things where can we pick up on any trends or anything that’s happening. We have all of this information that we have collected but let’s take it to the next level. If there is a wet spring, can we quantify leaching or denitrification and take action based on the data we have collected,” Molenaar said.

The Climate Corporation collects both public and private data from tens of thousands of data sources, whether that’s soil surveys or working directly with the farmer. Molenaar says the farmer also owns the data not The Climate Corporation.

“We’re a data science company and it is not in our best interest to misuse any data. If they’re not going to be comfortable with what, we are doing then we do not have a product so the farmer maintains ownership of that and if they want to pull that information out of Climate then we will be able to help them transfer it in a form they want. We’re audited to make sure we play by the rules and that’s exactly what we want to be doing,” Molenaar said.

Molenaar adds data is the future of farming because it will save farmers money in the long run.

The Climate Corporation was founded in 2006 and acquired by Monsanto in 2013. Currently, there are over 75 million acres mapped in the Climate FieldView™  digital platform, which now includes Climate FieldView Prime™, Climate FieldView Pro™  and Climate FieldView Plus™.

According to their website, The Climate Corporation aims to help farmers around the world protect and improve their farming operations with uniquely powerful software and hardware products. The company’s proprietary Climate Technology Platform™ combines hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver Climate FieldView products.