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Is consumer perception of food inaccurate?

USFRA says the voices of people like pork producer Dave Struthers, above, are missing from conversations about food.

The US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance is trying to start a dialogue with consumers, primarily to address perceptions of agriculture that may be inaccurate, or may cause a reduction in consumption of certain foods.

Nebraska farmer Lisa Lunn says a voice speaking for farmers and ranchers helping to foster trust in America’s food production system has been missing for the last several years. Transparency with regard to food will be on the table at the next Food Dialogue in Chicago this June, with a particular emphasis on the information consumers want, and the ways in which they make their decisions on the food they eat. Lunn says consumers at the Fodd Dialogue are often passionate, but part of the goal is fighting misinformation.

A lot of that passion is just passion, and not based on information or correct information, but some of it is on perception, and, you know, a comment someone made, and so the purpose of these dialogues is to start a conversation so people can talk to both sides of an issue, and get those people together to, as a producer, give your side and as a customer and consumer ask those questions and get those answers you want to the questions you have.