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Iowa’s Last Week Hay Summary

a-hay-roll-5456x3632_32805As winter approaches, producers are seeing an increased demand for high quality, dairy type hay. The limited supply continues to bring a slight premium.

There is an increased demand for large round bales, and a decrease in demand for large squares compared to last year.

However, some producers have seen a slight decrease this week, with thoughts that it is due to the recent rainy weather.

The supply of hay has been adequate to cover needs with higher quality hay a little harder to find.

Alfalfa Premium Small Squares $200.00 – $240.00
Good Large Squares $180.00

Alfalfa/Grass Premium Small Squares $170.00
Large Squares $135.00
Good Small Squares $95.00 – $125.00
Large Squares $60.00 – $155.00
Large Rounds $100.00 – $105.00
Fair Large Rounds $80.00 – $85.00

Grass Good Large Squares $60.00
Large Rounds $65.00
Utility Large Squares $105.00 – $110.00

Straw Wheat Large Squares $110.00

Certified Organic Hay: No organic hay sales reported this week.